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Tuesday 26th
November 2019
8pm A Tour of the Solar System

- Connemara Astronomy Club

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Connemara Astronomy Club Poster

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Station House
Hotel, Cliften
Thursday 12th
December 2019
8pm Standard Candles

- Derek Dempsey.

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The cosmic distance ladder is the set of methods used by astronomers to determine the distances to celestial objects.
Parallax methods are used to measure the distance to stars that are, in astronomical terms, closeby - that is, within some hundreds of light years of Earth.
Beyond this distance, most methods require a standard candle - a class of astrophysical object (for example, variable stars or supernovae) which have a known brightness. So, if an extremely distant object can be identified as a standard candle, it then becomes possible to calculate the actual distance to this object.

This talk will discuss the properties of some standard candles and show how they have been used to measure the distances to celestial objects, from (relatively) close galaxies all the way to objects that are at the edge of the observable Universe.

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Followed by -

Newport Astronomy Club Annual General Meeting
Hotel Newport
October 30th -
November 1st
  Mayo Dark Sky Festival 2020

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and Ballycroy

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